Penis Enlargement Surgery In Turkey

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement and augmentation surgery is an aesthetic surgery procedure aimed at lengthening the penis and thickening the circumferencies of the penis, also called “Penoplasty“. Aesthetic operations, which were previously preferred only by women for areas with discomfort in the appearance, are now in extremely widespread demand among men. Now not only women, but also men are extremely interested in plastic surgery. In addition, facial and body aesthetics as well as genital aesthetic operations are now extremely popular.

Penis büyütme ameliyatı nedir?

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?


Considering that the size, thickness and functionality of the penis is an extremely important issue for men, we can say that penis enlargement surgery comes to mind when it comes to genital aesthetics. In fact, penis aesthetics includes various operations that offer solutions not only to extend the penis or thicken the penis, but also for various deformities in the penis, penile curvature or appearance disorders caused by improper circumcision. In this article, we will focus only on enlargement-oriented penis aesthetic surgery.


How Long Should a Normal Penis Be?


Although the concept of normal penis size or ideal penis size is very curious and subject to a lot of research, it is clear that “For someone who wants to have penis enlargement surgery, what is normal penis size is irrelevant”. The reason I want to say this in the first place is because there is a misconception about penis aesthetics;

Penis enlargement surgeries are not only performed on people whose penis is smaller than normal!

Penis enlargement and augmentation surgeries are  aesthetic operations to relieve these ailments to people who are not satisfied with the height or thickness of their penis or both. I also have to say, I’m not going to let you get away with this. If the current length of the penis is longer, the rate of post-operative elongation also increases. Because the procedure performed in the surgery, which we will tell all the details of in a moment, is actually the process of making the part of the penis that is buried in the invisible inside visible.

However, in order to satisfy the curiosity of those who are curious, although normal penis length varies depending on factors such as race, country or even region, a length of 11-17 cm can be considered normal in general. This is considered normal when an erect penis is in the range of 11-17 cm, since a woman’s vagina is on average almost the same length. Although researches have been carried out on this subject, ideal penis-length tables have been created and there is a lot of data that we can benefit from, I prefer not to include this information here in order to avoid prolonging the subject.

As I said at the beginning, it is not the length of the person’s penis that matters, but whether he is satisfied with this length. Penis aesthetics can be applied to all patients, whether penis length is 8 cm or 20 cm, except for patients with undeveloped penises that are less than 2 cm long, which we call Micro Penis. Micro Penis condition is a different condition and penis extension surgery does not work in these patients. In short, it is the patient’s desire that is the main thing in penis extension surgery, which is an aesthetic operation, not functional.


How to Enlarge a Penis?


When we say penis enlargement, what is actually meant here is the procedures of lengthening the penis and thickening the penis. When performing penis enlargement with genital aesthetics, these two procedures can be performed separately or in one operation at the same time. Only someone who is dissatisfied with the height of his penis can be extended. Likewise, the patient does not have a problem with penis size, but can only complain about its thinness. We know that before deciding on plastic surgery, many patients try drugs or penis enlargement exercises that allegedly enlarge penises. I have to say from the beginning, I don’t want to be It is impossible to enlarge the penis naturally except for surgery. You’ll know that when you find out how the operation was done. The only way to achieve permanent and real enlargement is through penis extension surgery. It is possible that drugs called penis enlargement can have a number of temporary effects – which are usually in the direction of thickening, not elongation – but this is a method that should never be used, given both the fact that the effect is not permanent and the harms that drugs can cause to the body with side effects.

As for penis enlargement exercises; In fact, the output of these exercises consists of a number of exercises recommended by doctors to some patients after penis enlargement surgery, spreading incorrectly between individuals and on the internet, making it seem possible to enlarge the penis through exercise. Yes, exercises can sometimes be recommended by doctors to contribute to the outcome of surgery or help prevent a number of problems that may occur after surgery, but these exercises are not suitable for everyone to do and are never exercises that can achieve enlargement alone. On the other hand, penis length extension exercises are not ordinary, innocent exercises. Most people say, “Oh, honey, exercise, even if it doesn’t work, let me give it a try…” Although the idea prevails, doing these exercises can cause irreversible damage to the penis structure. It is possible that it causes bleeding, tearing and deformations in the area where the penis is filled with blood. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid these exercises.

Now let’s explain in detail how to enlarge the penis with penis aesthetics, which is the only and correct method we have left for penis extension and thickening.


Penis Enlargement and Thickening Techniques


There are different techniques used for extension in penis extension surgeries according to the current condition of the patient. First, let’s look at the main method that comes to mind when it comes to penis enlargement surgery;


  • Ligament Transection:

Suspensory ligament is a hanging connective tissue that connects the rest of the penis within the body to the pelvis. In fact, approximately 50% of the penis is in the body and this hanging connective tissue is loosened and the rest of the penis is freed. In this way, the penis length that appears outside is elongation. There are two important points I’d like to draw attention to here. First; although the name of the method is “Cutting the Suspensor Ligament”, we are talking about loosening the connective tissue. Because at first, this bond was cut off from the entire tissue, while now 80% of it is cut and loosened. The reason for this change in technique over time is that it has been seen that cutting 20% of the hanging ligament at the bottom does not contribute to elongation. The second point is that it is not clear before the surgery how long the length will be. Because this is all about anatomical structure and varies from person to person. In general, an average length of 2-5 cm is achieved after surgery.

Penis nasıl uzatılır?
  • Supra-pubic V-Y Plasty

Suprapubic Y-V Plasty is an important stage of penis enlargement surgery, where we enable skin development in pubis to support penis enlargement. In this area, a suture mark is seen in the form of the reverse Y letter after surgery. This mark is largely lost within a few months.

  • Supra-pubic Liposuction

Suprapubic Liposuction is a procedure that we apply to make the penis look longer when the condition we call the embedded penis occurs. Lubrication of the pubic area, which we usually see more often in middle-aged men, causes the current penis size to appear shorter. Next to the plump appearance of the pubic region, the penis looks as if it is buried in this area. We can eliminate the embedded penis condition with an effective liposuction application to be performed on this area during the penis extension operation. After liposuction, penis enlargement between 1-1.5 cm can be achieved according to the thickness of the fat tissue taken.

  • Peno-scrotal Plasty

Peno-scrotal Plasty is a method that we apply when the combination of penis and ovaries (scrotum) is abnormal. In some men, the skin of the testicle bag is attached to the middle of the penis, which visually causes a short perception of penis size. This appearance disorder, also called turkey neck, is eliminated by correcting the skin here. After the procedure, there is a significant perception of prolongation in the appearance.

  • Penis Augmentation

Fat injection, composite tissue transfer or fillers can be used in penis thickening process. The most reliable filler we know is the oil graft obtained from the person’s own tissues. For this reason, we prefer this first in the penis thickening process as in the whole body.

The adipose tissues taken from the abdominal area of the person by liposuction technique are made ready for injection and injected around the penis. This procedure, which can be performed together with penis extension surgery or also can be done, is a process that can be repeated if desired. As some of the injected oil is absorbed after a while we can have patients who want a recurrence of the procedure. This is a situation that varies completely from person to person. There are cases where the oil is permanent for 5-6 years after injection, as well as people who need reappliation after 6 months. Oil absorption usually occurs in the first 6 months and on average 30-70% is absorbed and destroyed. However, on the basis of this, injecting excess fat will not affect the outcome of the procedure, but may cause the patient to have erection problems in the early period.  An excess of fat injected around the penis can well wrap and compress the penis, making it difficult to fill it with blood and therefore difficult to erect. In order to avoid such undesirable situations, an experienced surgeon should be selected in the penis thickening process.

Let’s look at all the details of penis enlargement surgery in the form of short question and answer:

Penis enlargement surgery is performed by cutting the superficial and hanging connective tissues that connect the penis to the pelvis. Although it may seem like a very simple procedure in theory, it is an operation that requires serious surgical experience. It is performed in the form of open surgery in the operating room environment. The surgeon performing penis enlargement surgery may choose to perform the operation with general anesthesia or regional anesthesia according to the procedure to be performed and the condition of the patient. It is an operation that lasts an average of 1 hour.

Penis thickening process is a filling process performed by injecting the fat taken from the person's own body by liposuction process under the skin around the penis. It is performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia in patients who will be thickened alone. It is a procedure that takes an average of 1 hour and does not require hospital stay.

Since the operation is performed under anesthesia, you do not feel any pain or pain during the operation. If enlargement is operated, you may have abdominal pains for the first 1 week after surgery. It is common for there to be pain in the areas where fat is taken and it is an easy process to overcome as long as you follow your doctor's recommendations. In addition, it is unlikely that there will be pain in or around the penis due to penis extension.

You can be discharged on the same day after penis enlargement surgery. On average, after 3 weeks, recovery occurs.

For the first 5-7 days after surgery, you should avoid bathing, steam bathing, solarium, sunbathing. You should pay attention to your dressings, not neglect your dressings.

Driving and long journeys are not recommended for 1 week.

If you are not working a heavy job after 2 weeks, you can return to work. If you have a muscle-based or heavy-paced job, it is advisable to report for 30 days.

After 2 weeks you can start physical activity, do light sports exercises. But you should avoid heavy training, wait at least 30 days for intense brisk workouts and get your doctor's approval.

You should wait at least 21 days for sexual intercourse after penis enlargement surgery and must seek approval from your doctor before starting sexual activity, including masturbation.

Penis enlargement surgeries are not functional surgeries. The procedures performed are quite far from the tissue of the penis, nerves and veins and do not affect any of them. And therefore, you are unlikely to have erection problems, premature ejaculation, decreased sexual desire or any other functional problems. Penis enlargement surgeries will not lead to a negative situation, if any, nor will they contribute to the healing of the sexual function problems you are experiencing.

Penis enlargement surgery is an aesthetic operation that can only relieve the discomfort you hear from the appearance of the penis.

Penis extension surgery, which is applied as we do today, does not cause curvature of the penis. Previously, the penis was somewhat crooked during the erection due to the fact that the hanging tissue was completely cut and applied, but no such problem is encountered because 20% of the hanging ligament tissue is left.

No, the urinary tract is in no way affected by penis enlargement surgery.

No, penis enlargement surgeries don't affect reproduction in any way.

After the operation, deterioration may occur in the skin appearance caused by the procedure, but within 3 weeks the penis will regain its normal appearance. Since the small incision made for the operation is located in an easily healed area and the melting rope is used, the surgical scar will be largely lost after a certain period of time. Therefore, it is not possible to tell from the outside that you have penis enlargement surgery when the recovery period ends.


As with any surgery, there are some risks in penis enlargement surgery. Complications that may occur other than the general risks from anesthesia are as follows:

  • Infection: In order to prevent the risk of infection, the care and dressing of the penis circumferal should be done very carefully after surgery and doctor checks should be carried out in a timely manner.

  • Edema: It is natural to have small swellings around the penis after penis enlargement surgery. These swellings generally heal within 15 days. Although at a very low rate, non-descending swelling may occur after penis enlargement surgery and these swellings may turn into payment. Therefore, you should not neglect the doctor's checks and if such a situation occurs, you should immediately contact your doctor.
  • Cyanosis: It is also normal to see bruising after penis enlargement. However, these bruisings pass in a short time. You should also consult your doctor for long bruising.
  • Blood clotting: It is a rare complication and you have no way of understanding it. If your doctor observes blood clotting during a doctor's checkup, he can easily treat it. It's easy to control.

  • Congestion (Hematoma): It is the most common complication after penis enlargement. It is the result of bleeding into the tissue in the part of the abdomen that is fat taken. The condition of blood accumulation has been largely prevented by modern methods, but if you still encounter such a situation, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Penis enlargement surgery prices vary according to many factors such as the procedures to be performed, the choice of anesthesia, the center where the surgery will be performed and the experience of the surgeon and surgical team performing penis enlargement surgery. You can contact us to find out what you need and how much penis enlargement surgery will cost. You can find out the current price of penis enlargement surgery by phone, Whatsapp, or using the forms on our website.

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