Varicocele Surgery | Microscopic Varicocelectomy

Varicocele surgery is the only treatment option that can be applied in varicocele treatment. Varicocele surgery is an operation performed by microsurgery method. Many surgical techniques have been tried in the past, but the most commonly applied and accepted method was “Microscopic Varicocelectomy” as a result of both low recurrence rates and the likelihood of complications and higher success rates.




Varikosel, belirtileri ve tedavisi.

What is Varicocele?

Varicocele, briefly, is a condition in which the veins in the testicles can expand abnormally and damage the testicular structure, sperm production and quality.Varicocele, which causes male infertility, is a serious disease that needs to be treated.

Varicocele surgery, i.e. "Microscopic Varicolectomy", is the process of detecting and connecting diseased veins with the help of surgical microscope by entering an incision of approximately 2 to 3 cm in the groin area. The biggest reason for performing the surgery by microsurgery method is that it is easy to distinguish between arteries, lymph vessels and veins with a microscope. Thus, it is possible to connect only diseased veins by preserving the structures of these vessels without damaging the arteries and lymph vessels. In addition, while it is a problem to reach all diseased veins in some of the surgeries performed with other techniques, the detection and intervention of damaged veins is much easier in microsurgery method.

General Anesthesia and Spinal Anesthesia are used in varicocele surgery.

Varicocele surgery takes an average of 45 minutes in cases where there is varicocele in a single testicle, while this period can be extended up to 1.5-2 hours if both testicles are treated.

After varicocele surgery, you can usually be discharged on the same day, very rarely, after staying in the hospital for 1 day. Although the time to return to normal activity varies from patient to patient, the average is 1-3 days, and the time to return to work is 5-10 days.

Although the recovery period after varicocele surgery starts at 6 weeks, full recovery can take 1 year. Here, without healing, the intention is to improve sperm parameters and to perform pregnancy.

After varicocelectomia, the veins gradually begin to disappear over time, and in the 6th month, improvement in sperm production can be started. Usually the maximum improvement in sperm testing is seen in the 8th-9th month.

What Are The Advantages of Varicocele Surgery Performed With Microsurgery?


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In varicocele surgery performed with microsurgery, the surgical site can be seen in the most detailed way with microscope. Thus, arteries and lymph vessels that are more likely to be damaged in other surgical options can be protected and easily distinguished from veins. The biggest advantage of microsurgery is that it makes it possible to prevent hydrocele, which is the most common and undesirable complication that may occur after varicocele surgery.



Varikosel Ameliyatıyla Kısırlık Tedavisi

Pregnancy after Varicocelectomy


It is known that 60-80% of patients who underwent varicocelectomy had significant improvements in sperm examinations. Pregnancy usually develops in the 8th month after surgery, and the improvement in sperm values begins to appear in the 3-6th month and it may take 1 year to reach the level sufficient for pregnancy. While pregnancy rates are 38% on average after varicocele surgery, it is thought that a successful varicocelectomy performed by microsurgery method more than doubles the chance of pregnancy.

Azoospermia and Varicocele Surgery


Azoospermia is a term used for patients whose semen is not detected when sperm is tested. If varicocele is present in azoospermia patients, these patients should also have varicocele surgery. Because when varicocely is treated, sperm begins to appear in the semen of these patients and the improvement in sperm parameters is up to 30%. In this way, it is possible for them to have children. If the patient’s hormone values are at normal limits, sperm output can be seen after microscopic varicoceleectomy. In this case, spontaneous pregnancy may occur. However, even if varicocele surgery is performed and no sperm comes out, it is known that the microTESE method raises the chance of sperm being found as a result of the search for sperm to a rate of close to 60%. In this way, it is opened for the patient to have children by IVF method.

Adolesan Varicocele and Varicocele Surgery


Adolescent varicocele is the name given to varicocele in children in pre-puberty (adolescent period). Varicocele is rare in children under the age of 10, while adolescents are 11% in the age of 11. Varicocely occurring in this age group usually does not give any symptoms and is only noticed by the doctor during examinations.

Varicocele cases encountered in the adolescent period should be treated considering that they may cause problems in the future. When more than 10% difference in testicular volumes is observed with ultrasound, i.e. if there is a loss of volume in the testicle, adolesan varicocele surgery is performed. In addition, early diagnosis and treatment are very important during this period. Because the testicular volumes return to normal after surgery in childhood, but although the testicular consistency of those who have surgery after the age of 14 improves, there is no improvement in testicular volume.

Varicocelectomy Prices in Turkey

Although the prices of varicocele surgery are usually in close range, the center where the surgery will be performed, the surgeon and surgical team who will perform the surgery may vary according to a number of factors such as the duration of hospital stay after the surgery. Although one of the most curious issues of people who are considering varicocele surgery is the price of varicocele surgery, there are more important points to consider. The most important point to consider when it comes to surgery that can affect your family life and future, such as varicocele surgery, is the right method and doctor selection. We insist on the necessity of choosing the microsurgery method, which has more successful results in varicocele surgery than other methods and has the least risk of complications. At the same time, the experience, skill and results of the surgeries performed by the surgeon performing varicocele surgery in this method are issues that should be considered much earlier than the price.

Op. Dr. Necati ARİCİ is extremely experienced in microscopic varicoselectomy. Contact us to have microscopic varicocelectomy in Turkey and to find out the prices of varicocele surgery.


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