Op. Dr. Necati ARİCİ

Get to know Operator Dr. Necati ARİCİ, who has successfully performed thousands of surgical operations specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, prostate and all other urological disorders…

What Diseases Do We Treat?

In addition to kidney and urinary tract stones, kidney tumors, kidney cysts, neurogen bladder, urinary diversion and urological infections, we carry out the treatment of many diseases in the male and female urological system.

We successfully apply sexual dysfunctions, penile curvature and prostate treatments, which are the most common treatments we apply in male urology. We also treat diseases such as urethral stricture, penis revascularization, male infertility, varicocele and hydrocele.

In female urology, we treat many diseases such as cystitis, incontinence, urethral cannula, vesicovaginal fistula, uterine and bladder sagging.

For Information and Appointments

You can contact us at our phone number during working hours or leave messages via Whatsapp outside of working hours.

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Urologist specializing in Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments


The Most Common Treatment Methods

Böbrek taşları nasıl kırılır?

Non-Surgical Kidney Stone Treatment

Breaking and removing non-surgical kidney stones by entering the urethra.

Yaşlanmadan dolayı iktidarsızlık

Penis Prosthesis

Elimination of erectile dysfunction problem by surgical methods.

Penis büyütme ameliyatı nedir?

Penis Enlargement and Augmentation Surgery

Lengthening the penis length and thickening of the penis by liposuction method.

İktidarsızlık kader değil

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

It is a treatment method applied as an alternative to surgery in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Each patient is unique and the treatment to be applied to each patient should be determined individually.


Each patient is unique and the treatment to be applied to each patient should be determined individually.

Uzman Ürolog Op. Dr. Necati ARİCİ
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